Acel Moore 2023

Acel Moore, a late Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, former Inquirer editor and columnist, and co-founder of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), created The Inquirer’s Acel Moore High School Journalism Workshop to introduce Philadelphia-area students to journalism. The program is in its 39th year, and it wrapped up with a celebratory luncheon on April 1. 

This year’s program had 12 high school students – all who identify as people of color – who engaged in workshops, partnered with mentors, and developed articles and photojournalism pieces over four weeks. Watch the students’ testimonial video here.

Thank you to all of our staff volunteers who supported the program. The program was a success due to their dedication, expertise, and enthusiasm.

Steering Committee: Angela Baylock, Michaelle Bond, Lauren Schneiderman, Oscar Miller

Speakers: Gabriel Escobar, Richard Jones, Frank Wiese, Lauren Schneiderman, Layla A. Jones, Josh Tolentino, Vaughn Johnson, DeAntae Prince, Jonathan Lai, Erin Gavle, Joseph Hernandez, Jasmine Goldband, Nicole Henninger, Charlotte Sutton, Danese Kenon, Michaelle Bond

Writing Mentors: Beatrice Forman, Aubrey Whelan, Nate File, Kristen Graham, Michelle Myers, Erica Palan, Vinny Vella, Lynette Hazelton

Visual Mentors: Lauren Schneiderman, Danese Kenon, Jasmine Goldband, Jenna Miller, Rachel Molenda

Photography/Visuals: Danese Kenon, Frank Wiese, Lauren Schneiderman, Elizabeth Robertson, Heather Khalifa, Jenna Miller

Special Projects and Assistance: Jeanine Reilly, Mike Cruz, Nicole Henninger

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