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Inquirer Brand Campaign

The Inquirer’s UNSUBSCRIBE/SUBSCRIBE Brand Campaign won first place in the INMA 2024 Global Media Awards for Best Brand Awareness Campaign. We asked people to UNSUBSCRIBE from the cliches, stereotypes, and BS outsider perspectives on our city and region, our teams, and our culture. Unsubscribe from what they think they know about local journalism and The Inquirer. And to SUBSCRIBE to what only The Inquirer delivers: an Always Philly-first point of view and voice to feed your Philly bias.

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Tokoyo Type Directors Club


Inquirer Redesign

The Inquirer worked with design firm Pentagram on a print and digital redesign that the Tokyo Type Directors Club recognized as a Prize Nominee Work in its 2024 Tokyo TDC Annual Awards. The award is for a recut font, Philadelphia Inquirer Clarendon, that was designed by A2-TYPE type designer Henrik Kubel and is based on a Clarendon slab font that was used by The Inquirer from the 1860s to the 1920s. Pentagram partner Luke Hayman describes the new font as “bolder on the page” and says it embraces “the heritage and dynamism” of Philadelphia itself.

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‘Black City, White Paper’

The first installment in A More Perfect Union — The Inquirer’s year-long examination of systemic racism through Philadelphia institutions — won the National Press Club’s Arthur E. Rowse Award for Excellence in Examining the News Media. The National Press Club awards “celebrate the very best in journalism,” NPC President Eileen O’Reilly said. “These journalists are clearly fulfilling their obligations to serve the public.” Read the story.

Mark Harris/ For The Inquirer


Jasen Lo/ Staff


‘Doug Mastriano was live’

Inquirer journalists Juliana Feliciano Reyes and Jasen Lo earned first place in Immersive Storytelling, part of the Asian American Journalists Association’s 2023 Journalism Excellence Awards, for an interactive look at how gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano harnessed Facebook Live as part of his campaign strategy. Read the story.

‘MIA: Crisis in the Ranks’

Reporters Barbara Laker, David Gambacorta, and William Bender won a 2022 IRE Award for their investigation into Philly police officers’ abuse of a disability benefit for injured cops. The story led to internal city audits, the introduction of new legislation to crack down on abuse, and a change in department policy. Read the story.

Pulitzer Prize Winners and Finalists

The Inquirer has won 20 Pulitzer Prizes — 23 including those from the Philadelphia Daily News — since 1975 in categories ranging from Public Service and Investigative Reporting to Feature Photography and Editorial Cartooning.

Notable Award Winners